Thinking of You is our Salvation

Dear All,

I would like to share the outcome of the fundraising campaign I started two months ago at

With the help of family and friends and your generous donations, we managed to purchase 181 winter jackets and distribute it to those in need in the city of Herat, Afghanistan.

In the next few days I will be posting here the detail of the full amount raised, and the detail cost of this campaign, including the questionnaire of what else the recipients wished to receive in the future.

Here below are some of the pictures of the days goodwill. Again,thank you all who made this happen and happy holidays.

Suhrob Ahmad


The finance of the campaign:

Amount raised:              $1110

Gofund fee deduction: $93.07

Amount transferred:  1016.93 to Canadian Bank

Full amount was transferred to Afghanistan via Western Union and received in Afghanistan in the amount of 47,531.22 rupee

the cost of 181 jackets came up to 45,100 rupee.

mobile banner for visibility cost: 800 rupee

Car gasoline cost for day of driving around the city: 1200 rupee

Lunch for 5 volunteers cost: 800 rupee

Total Cost: 47,900

Balance: -368.78






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